The Star of Rusper

When you’ve sampled the beauties of Sussex

you’ll feel full of the joys of spring

and in deep winter too it will elevate you

to a pitch where you’re prompted to sing

Tourist or Townsman from near or far

you’ll be welcome at Rusper

at home in The Star


Oh, you may be an expert on bistros or much travelled

 in glitzy hotels

or in Paris or Rome but you’ll feel more at home

within the sound of the Rusper Church Bells

wherever you’ve been and whoever you are

it’s more friendly you’ll find in a bar at The Star


For the young man who is driving an E-type

for the local delights of good beer

it’s the cosiest pub, like the best kind of club

where the ploughmans the same as the beer

get there on foot or by train or by car

there is comfort for you at the old Rusper Star


It’s the same for a man or a woman

for a miss or mother of three

good times will be had by each lass and each lad

all the way down the family tree

so it’s food, drink and games and a chat at the bar

                      all the BEST thing in LIFE can be found at THE STAR.                   

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